Things To Consider While Buying Silicone Stretch Lids

As we all know that it is very important for all of us to save the food that is being wasted in our daily basis. There are different and various ways for the wastage of food. But there are also various number of ways that are way more environment friendly   than other ways so keeping this in mind, we all should find the better ways that how to tackle this wastage of food. If you are tired of finding ways for the preservation of food that is considered as left over after the intake, then the wait is almost over. There is these newly introduced fit over containers that are named as silicon stretch lids. But make sure to read the guideline before its usage to find out more about it and some new features introduced in this or important features that you should not miss out. Our one of the most favorite ones in the market in recent times in MOD FAMILY SILICON STRETCH LIDS. This set of mod family silicon stretch lids is a set of different sizes in which the set if X –L is also included either in small sizes or in extra-large to cover the big bowls or utensils, every size is available

Things to consider in silicone stretch lids Australia


This newly introduced silicon stretches lids vary in different sizes ranging from small to X- L. It ranges in from the small size ending up to almost about 10inches or may be more helping in the covering of big bowls and others also for the covering of foods or maybe containers having almost all the available sizes. Depending on the size of it, each and every lid can be easily stretched from 1 – 3 inches. It is the silicon stretchable lid that can easily fit containers of almost 13 inches all over it.


The most commonly demanded and also the vast majority of this newly introduced silicon stretch lids are mostly circular in shape. And also, due to the fact that they are easily stretchable because of silicon, which is stretchable in nature, you can easily use them on thee containers of the any nature. Though you can find variety of rectangular or square shaped lids for covering purpose apart from this circular stretchable lid that are way more versatile than all those different shaped lids that only fit on their respective shaped containers

Set size

It is very difficult to particularly buy a lid that we can easily get as a single lid. Because this new silicon stretched lids are sold exclusively in sets. In this set, there are almost 12 lids widely spread in various range. They are also available in different sixes varying from the small size to the extra-large. And some of them are those that have the mixture of different shaped lids but most of them are round in shape

Features of newly introduced silicon lids

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